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About Lucrotec

Our Company

Lucrotec was founded in 2015, helping large enterprises streamline accounts payable processes. Through this consulting work, we observed that enterprises were not leveraging the most profitable, efficient, or secure technology to make payments to their suppliers. We decided to focus our efforts in developing a platform to digitize their payments regardless of payment type, eliminating paper checks, and optimizing payments for cash back revenue, payment timeliness, and transaction security

Our roots go deep. Our management team has more than 120 years of accounts payable automation and financial managed services experience. Our CEO and CTO built a successful expense management software-as-a-service business that is used daily by hundreds of large enterprises today, and our founder built the largest IT expenses payment business in North America.

Our clients are typically organizations spending $100 million to more than $10 billion per year in non-labor supplier payables. Key stakeholders include leaders in finance, treasury, IT finance, accounts payable, sourcing & procurement, and supplier management. Our goal is to make your life easier while helping the bottom line of your enterprise. We look forward to serving you!

Lucrotec serves enterprise clients both directly and indirectly. Our indirect clients access our payments solution through a network of value-added resellers that typically deliver lifecycle managed services or outsourcing to their clients. If you serve enterprise clients and are looking to expand your solution offering with a worry-free payments solution that delivers powerful bottom line impact for you and your existing client base, Lucrotec is a good fit. We look forward to speaking with you to explore what’s possible.


Our values are foremost in the minds of every employee, every day, in every interaction:

  • Ethical

    We conduct business ethically, with integrity, and address issues directly and respectfully and we never compromise our values in pursuit of business performance.

  • Tenacious

    We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality results through continuous improvement and flawless execution.

  • Transparent

    We operate in full transparency by creating a climate of trust and openness between our people, our partners, and our customers.

  • Passionate

    We are passionate about our customers’ successes and strive to exceed client expectations.

  • Focused

    We are results-focused, measuring our individual and company achievements by our performance metrics and, most importantly, by our customers’ successes.

  • Balanced

    We like to laugh, spend time with our families, and do good things in the world.