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Many companies accept their payment system as adequate because it gets the job done. Why settle for a system that falls short of the benefits that can be achieved by utilizing new technologies and processes?

Why settle for anything less than Lucrotec?


Financial Consulting Services and Technologies that Power Profitability

Lucrotec’s financial process optimization service brings transformative expertise and technologies that that empower your organization to achieve optimal levels of efficiency and quality by automating manual payment tasks; implementing structured, repeatable and documented processes; improving payment accuracy, mitigating fraud risks, and improving compliance…to name a few.

In fact, Lucrotec's financial consulting services provide a wide range of client benefits :

  • Comprehensive Payment Analytics

    Lucrotec provides CFOs with analytics that facilitate optimal strategic decisions regarding supplier choice, product expansion, vendor payment optimization, inventory capacity, and optimal contract negotiations.

  • Advanced Technology Utilization

    Strategic technologies such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and Machine Learning can dramatically improve cash back revenue, reduce repetitive labor-driven processes, improve payment accuracy, and mitigate fraud risk.

  • Expanded Strategic Mindshare

    With advanced technologies and improved visibility in the AP process, Lucrotec enables clients to redirect staff mindshare to strategic processes such as fraud detection, cash flow optimization, regulatory compliance, and process improvement.

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Client Benefits with Bottom Line Impact

Lucrotec’s intelligent payment automation combines financial management expertise with advanced technologies that automate, optimize, and simplify the entire vendor payment process enabling clients to achieve remarkable benefits that support strategic objectives and drive profound bottom line results:

  • Dramatically increased cash back revenue

  • Improved payment accuracy

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Improved visibility of vendor payments

  • Mitigated fraud risks

  • Fewer vendor support calls

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Lucrotec consulting services can power profitability and improve business performance.

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