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Payment Automation for Associations

One of the most powerful benefits an association can offer its members is the ability to create additional revenue. Lucrotec's Automated Payment Exchange (APeX) provides associations and their members an unprecedented opportunity to generate cash back revenue from invoice payments.

Using APeX transforms the AP process into a profit center, providing cash back revenue to both members and the association itself.

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How it Works

APeX ensures payments are secure, accurate, on-time, and optimized to generate optimal cash back for both your industry association and its members.

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APeX optimizes the entire payment process for industry associations and their members, addressing a wide array of global payment options including check, electronic, and credit card payments. Quickly integrated into existing financial systems, APeX requires no out of pocket expense for the association or its members.

How Lucrotec Drives Increased Revenue

How LT Drives Revenue

Lucrotec’s advanced technology and intelligent processes create new revenue streams and reduced operational costs using three key capabilities: fee reduction, optimization of payment routes, and supplier friendly enrollment.

Discover Your Cash Back Potential

Try our on-line calculator to see how APeX can dramatically improve your cash back results.

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Lucrotec's Automated Payment Exchange delivers a wide range of benefits to both industry associations and their members:

  • Create new revenue streams

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Optimize payment process

  • Mitigate fraud risks

  • Eliminate late payments

  • Improve regulatory compliance

  • Increase visibility and awareness

  • Reduce manual processes and errors

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