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Payment Managed Service

Lucrotec’s payment managed service starts where most legacy solutions end. Lucrotec is focused on digitizing and intelligently optimizing the final stage of the payment process. Utilizing lightweight artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Lucrotec routes and processes payments across a wide range of payment methods and card programs to deliver optimal client benefits and supplier acceptance. Our technology continuously improves performance throughout its operation, learning and adapting to changes in the payment environment. While others simply make payments, Lucrotec makes intelligent payments that power client profitability.


How it Works

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Lucrotec’s payments managed service leverages advanced technology to determine how your supplier currently receives digital payments and which method and routing they prefer. It then selects the most financially beneficial combination of payment method and routing for each payment and completes the payment for you. Payment options including ACH, v-cards, ghost cards, and wires —using checks only when circumstances dictate. In all cases, detailed payment information is captured and delivered back to your ERP ensuring effortless reconciliation and unprecedented payment awareness.

Lucrotec's payment solution requires no changes to your current A/P process or ERP tools. For your suppliers, there are no forms to fill out, or changes to terms or rates. Best of all, Lucrotec’s payment service has no OPEX or CAPEX expense. We simply keep a fraction of the card rebates and the rest drives increased client profitability.

How Lucrotec Drives Increased Revenue

How LT Drives Revenue

Lucrotec’s advanced technology and intelligent processes create new revenue streams and reduced operational costs using three key capabilities: flexible payment options, intelligent payment optimization, and supplier friendly processes.

Lucrotec Client Benefits:

  • Create new or increased revenue streams

  • Easy for your suppliers

  • Reduce manual processes and errors

  • Mitigate fraud risks

  • Eliminate late payments

  • Increase payment visibility and awareness

  • No OPEX or CAPX expense

  • Implement in less than 90 days

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