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Lucrotec Hosts Payment Automation Solution on AWS

Automated Payment Exchange (APeX) Solution Now Delivered on Amazon Web Services Cloud


September 3, 2018 ROCKAWAY, NJ – Lucrotec, an intelligent payment automation solution provider, today announced that its Automated Payment Exchange (APeX) software is now hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The decision to host on AWS was made after a thorough examination AWS’s availability, redundancy, security, and other service options that support the global delivery of Lucrotec’s APeX payment automation solution.

“We are pleased to announce the selection of AWS as our computing platform for Lucrotec’s APeX solution platform,” said Ian Coville, Lucrotec’s chief information officer. “Leveraging AWS allows us to provide our growing list of Fortune 1000 clients with a secure, reliable, and scalable global computing infrastructure that has been honed and refined for more than a decade. The nature of our business requires the very highest levels of financial security, and AWS is singular in its ability to provide that secure environment. In addition, AWS’ comprehensive service offerings provide Lucrotec with a myriad of capabilities that facilitate the continued development of advanced APeX functionality.”

The AWS cloud computing environment provides highly-scalable performance for Lucrotec’s expanding client base and delivers an end-to-end secure and hardened infrastructure spanning physical, operational, and software measures. With computing centers located throughout the world, clients utilizing Lucrotec’s APeX platform benefit from a highly-secure, scalable, enterprise grade computing environment that supports their automated vendor payment processes.


About Lucrotec

Lucrotec provides technology-driven, business to business payment automation solutions and consulting services to global enterprises. Without disrupting established accounts payable processes, Lucrotec clients experience new and dramatically enhanced revenue streams, improved process efficiencies, reduced operational costs, decreased fraud risks, and increased visibility into their vendor expenses and relationships.

Lucrotec's intelligent payment automation solution combines service expertise in technology and financial management with proprietary software that automates and optimizes the entire vendor payment process. Lucrotec payment automation ensures payments are secure, accurate, on-time, and optimized to generate optimal financial rewards for its clients.

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