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Lucrotec Partners

See how a Lucrotec partnership can power your profitability 

For companies providing telecom, mobile, or IT expense management, services procurement, professional consulting, bill auditing, invoice processing, or other related services, a Lucrotec partnership can provide significant benefits: 

  • Expand your solution/services offerings 

  • Create new recurring revenue streams 

  • Significantly improve or expand service margins 

  • Reduce operational costs and complexity 

  • Offer services and solutions that differentiate your business 

  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction 

Lucrotec enables service partnerships through a simple and highly productive referral agreement or through OEM “white label” relationships. In either case, partnering with Lucrotec can have a positive impact on your business,  enhancing your bottom line and improving client relationships through new and effective technology and service offerings.

Referral Partners 

Lucrotec Referral Partners receive significant discounts, incentives, and benefits when customers and colleagues utilize any of Lucrotec comprehensive solutions. There are no financial investment or on-going program management obligations, just great solutions, and generous referral fees for your business and successful client outcomes!

Ideal companies for Lucrotec Referral Partnerships: 

  • Telecom and IT consulting firms 

  • Business consortiums 

  • Technology service providers

  • Financial consulting firms 

  • System integrators 

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For partners who wish to expand their branded solution offerings and capabilities, Lucrotec offers a comprehensive OEM Partner program that delivers exceptional training, certification, and support.

As a Lucrotec OEM partner your organization can experience significant recurring revenue margins for the duration of your client contracts. Lucrotec offerings in the telecom, mobile, and IT areas also present opportunities for providers with existing technology solutions and related consulting services.

Lucrotec’s strategic account development services can support your sales organization in developing existing client opportunities and assist in establishing and driving new market penetration.

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