About Lucrotec's Advanced APeX Technology

Why Lucrotec's Automated Payment Exchange (APeX) is Superior!

Vendor Enrollment

Lucrotec maximizes vendor acceptance of automated payments beyond what was thought possible. We use a commonly accepted interface file to enroll vendors that do not accept virtual cards. Once enrolled, vendors can accept electronic payments from other providers. APeX machine learning "remembers" all transactions and optimizes all future payments for maximum cash back returns.

Auto Reconciliation

APeX uses electronic payment technology to immediately disperse invoice payment funds to your vendors. Reconciliation files can be uploaded on a daily basis, posting transaction details and time stamps to your internal ERP or other systems. In addition, APeX robotic processes automate repetitive tasks such as posting payments to IVRs and web portals, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your payment process. 

Multi-layer Security

APeX uses pre-funded, one-time-use cards in the exact dollar amount for each vendor payment. These cards can only be used with the pre-determined vendor. Each component of every transaction is PGP-encrypted using a key so the transaction cannot be reassembled on the receiving end without the secure key scripts. Transactions cannot be hacked and all payments are FDIC-insured.

Reduced Expenses

With APeX, processing expenses (such as ACH and checks) are a fraction of typical bank’s fees. In addition to the hard-dollar savings, our clients can free up resources and re-allocate them to other revenue-generating activities. Using a virtual card program does not impact current vendors, discount fees, current financial software, or processes.

Optimized Revenue

As a payment processor, Lucrotec can access the interchange fees merchants and vendors pay to accept credit cards.  Lucrotec AI technology then optimizes client cash-back rebates based on each client’s unique vendor mix, spend volume, and payment terms. Lucrotec’s secure platform also leverages financial clearinghouses to optimize payments using multiple methodologies, i.e. ACH, EFT, cards, and checks.

Visibility & Awareness

APeX provides new insights into the status of all payments and client rebates. Online dashboards provide instant access to: vendor enrolment levels, payment status, cash back amounts by vendor and time period, rebate rates analysis, and much more. The result: better management of payments, vendors, and cash.

Payment Analytics for a New Level of Operational Awareness

Lucrotec’s APeX software provides comprehensive analytic dashboards that provide users with a new level of awareness about their payments, their suppliers, and the improved cash back revenues they recieve.

Online analytic dashboards allow users to explore their payments across a wide range of criteria and data categories. With interactive drill-down data visualizations, payment details can be explored to reveal new levels of understanding and insight.

APeX Revenue Dashboard
APeX Revenue Dashboard
APeX Enrollment Dashboard
APeX Enrollment Dashboard
APeX Rebate Comparison
APeX Rebate Comparison

How it Works

APeX ensures your payments are secure, accurate, on time, and optimized to generate maximum cash back for your organization.


APeX addresses a wide array of global payment options including check, electronic, and credit cards, and APeX artificial intelligence technology optimizes the entire payment process along with the cash-back returns our clients receive. In addition, APeX can be quickly integrated into existing financial systems, and it requires no out of pocket client expense.

APeX Technology Facts

Here are a few of the reasons why APeX technology, deployed on an AWS network, is acclaimed by clients as the most secure, reliable, and effective solution yet:

  • AI-driven optimization of credit card and ACH payment rebates

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) maximizes efficiency

  • Business intelligence dashboards optimize visibility and awareness

  • Federally insured bank deposits

  • End-to-end customer data encryption (transmission to database)

  • Intelligent, international tax optimization

  • Global payments in 93 currencies

  • Multi-factor authentication and access controls

  • Daily data backups stored on AWS S3

  • Multiple U.S. data centers provide geographic diversity and multi-site redundancy

  • Hosting technology delivers fast, reliable connectivity

  • Cloud-based disaster recovery

APeX Standards Compliance

APeX processes and hosting  delivers high levels of regulatory compliance for organizations of all sizes, across a multitude of industries.

Certification Logos 2
  • SSAE18

    Lucrotec's banking network is SSAE 18 compliant, ensuring detailed controls and effective operation of those controls.

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard

    Lucrotec's secure data hosting has been validated to comply with the PCI Data Security Standards.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Lucrotec's hosting service complies with GDPR requirements.

  • FDIC Insured

    All deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 

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