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Usage Management Solutions

Lucrotec usage management solutions support the entire lifecycle, of both your wireline and mobile communications environment including procurement, contract compliance, utilization monitoring, call accounting, real-time usage reporting, user helpdesk services… and more.

Comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) Capabilities

In a world where corporate and employee provided mobile devices continue to proliferate, Lucrotec’s MDM services can have a profound impact better managing the entire mobile lifecycle:

  • Configuration, enrollment and onboarding

  • Device operation and network access security

  • Usage monitoring and management

  • Reporting, accountability, and awareness

  • Helpdesk support

Lucrotec’ s MDM services enable business to efficiently manage their entire fleet of mobile devices across a wide range of device operating systems:

  • Apple® iOS

  • Android™

  • BlackBerry®

  • Symbian®

  • macOS®

  • Windows®

Lucrotec’s Mobile Usage Management Benefits

Lucrotec MDM solutions deliver benefits that can dramatically impact the management of your mobile device fleet:

  • Simplify and expedite mobile device deployments

  • Enable real-time device compliance with corporate usage policies

  • Provide visibility of device usage across the entire enterprise

  • Delegate device management while maintaining centralized control and visibility

  • Deliver remote and personalized device troubleshooting and support

  • Optimize and support mobile application deployment and management

IT and Wireline Communications Usage Management

For organizations that require proactive communications and IT inventory management, financial accountability, and optimal utilization of their communications and IT resources, Lucrotec IT and wireline usage management solutions are a critical component to success.

With Lucrotec communications and IT Usage management solutions your organization can better track and understand utilization metrics, manage capacity and contracted service levels, and deliver meaningful business intelligence that can improve operational effectiveness and efficiency, and overall business profitability.

  • Avoid over- and under- asset provisioning

  • Better understand communications and data services, usage and consumption

  • Construct accurate usage estimate in advance of carrier billing

  • Deliver timely, meaningful usage metrics and insight to organizational groups

  • Accurately and efficiently quantify and allocate enterprise-wide usage costs

  • Help ensure communications compliance recordkeeping

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