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Payment Managed Services that Power Organizational Profitability!

Cash Bck 500X349

Maximize Cash Back

Lucrotec’s supplier payment solution often increases card rebate revenue 200% to 400% over traditional card programs

Payment Security 500 X 349

Improve Payment Security

Dramatically improve payment process security utilizing file encryption, tokenized card payments, and card rail protections.

Redduce Cost 500 X 349

Reduce Operational Costs

Minimize or eliminate manual check writing, misapplied payments, payment late fees, and supplier payment support calls.


No CAPEX or OPEX Investment Needed


Global Currencies


Less Than 90-Day Implementation


Compliance Standards


I would encourage any employee of an enterprise who is considering this to make sure you have your incentives lined up because this solution is going to knock it out of the park. A lot of our partners are gain-share related consultants who work across a variety of categories and this one consistently returns the best result.

Lucrotec Partner – CRO

I’ve done a lot of projects for a lot of organizations of different sizes. If you are looking for revenue generation, you will get it from Lucrotec. If you are looking for process improvement, you will get that as well.

Lucrotec Partner – Principle Consultant

I’ve had only very good experiences with our Lucrotec partnership. I have completed multiple implementations and found that Lucrotec’s support is consistent, their knowledge is expansive, and their response immediate. Definitely give Lucrotec’s solution serious consideration - it will bring business value and returns to your company.

Lucrotec Partner – Implementation Director

Lucrotec has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Everyone should consider Lucrotec’s managed service bill pay solution.

Partner – VP Product Management

The team at Lucrotec has helped us to achieve high levels of efficiency in regard to our ATM cash management which has generated cost savings. They have also made the process of managing our cash very simple; saving time for our teams so we can focus on serving our customers.”

Banking Institution

The rollout of services from Lucrotec was seamless and we enjoyed the benefits of the service straight away. It was a stress-free experience and I would recommend Lucrotec without hesitation. Our solution has eliminated manual steps and provides better controls and visibility to all transactions.

Supply Chain and Logistics Company

We contracted to work on one project with Lucrotec, and were so impressed with the results that we handed over the design of an interactive member’s portal. The results have been nothing short of spectacular and we’ve received much positive feedback from our membership. We are delighted with the diligence, attention to detail, and kindness that Lucrotec and their technical staff have displayed and would recommend them without qualification or hesitation.”

Chemical Company

Lucrotec prepared for us a serious and comprehensive business plan, made overall due diligence and a company evaluation. We were completely satisfied with the level of their performance in that project, and we still use, and put into practice their recommendations. Lucrotec‘s personnel demonstrated outstanding knowledge of financial instruments for debt and equity investments. They are fully committed to the interests of their customers and always follow the timing of the project without any negative influence on the quality. Lucrotec‘s team is enthusiastic and positive. It was a real pleasure to work with them, from both a human and professional point of view.

Chairman of the Board for a Private Equity Company


Maximize cash-back revenue

Optimize operational efficiencies

Maximize payment security, minimize fraud risk

Lower costs, expand profit margins

Increase organizational awareness and responsiveness

Ensure regulatory compliance

Why Choose Lucrotec?

Founded by a team with decades of experience in enterprise technology, software, and financial management, Lucrotec's cloud-based, intelligent payment managed service maximizes the benefits that clients can achieve from using payment automation. Our advanced technology and innovative processes enable Lucrotec to consistently deliver cash back returns that significantly exceed expectations. Add to this, the cost savings, improved cash flow, labor savings, and reduced fraud risks, and companies have a compelling case for taking a fresh look at their current payment process and technology.