Business organizations of all sizes can maximize cash-back revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve profitability.

Invoice Payment Providers

Organizations that process payments on behalf of their clients can dramatically improve margins and profitability for both.


Vertical industry associations can bring remarkable benefits to their organization and to their association members.

More than $1B Under Management
Less Than 90-Day Implementation
Major Compliance



Maximize cash-back revenue

Optimize operational efficiencies

Maximize payment security, minimize fraud risk

Lower costs, expand profit margins

Increase organizational awareness and responsiveness

Ensure regulatory compliance

Why Choose Lucrotec?

Lucrotec was founded by a team with decades of experience in enterprise technology, software, and financial management. We provide the expertise you need and the capabilities you require to automate your payment process, maximize payment security, reduce operational costs, and optimize your cash-back revenue.

Lucrotec’s payment automation solution combines service expertise in technology and financial management with proprietary software that automates and optimizes the entire process of making vendor payments. Capable of handling a wide array of global payment options associated with check, electronic, and credit card payments, Lucrotec payment automation ensures payments are secure, accurate, on-time, and optimized to generate optimal client rewards.

Lucrotec provides technology-driven, global business to business payment automation solutions and consulting services. Without disrupting established accounts payable processes, Lucrotec solutions enable clients to experience new revenue streams, improved process efficiencies, reduced operational costs, decreased fraud risks, and increased visibility into their vendor expenses and relationships.